Clinical Office Manager


VIPcare is searching for a Clinical Office Manager (CMA, RMA, MA) to provide preventative and chronic care management at our senior-focused primary care clinic at our Punta Gorda location.

WHAT'S YOUR WHY? At VIPcare, we value you. We see you. Office Managers at VIPcare are living their why and building their career with a reliable team that shares our value of providing 5-star service that always puts patient care and outcomes first. You'll be part of a team our senior population trusts to care for their health, someone they look to for healthcare guidance to get them healthy and keep them healthy.

TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS ROLE, you should have previous medical assistant experience, including:
  • Leads a care team of front and back-office medical assistants (generally 2-5 members)
  • Assists with scheduling, administrative and clinical duties for providers (mid-levels and physicians)
  • Manages office operations and performance to ensure that front office and back office care teams operate in an efficient, accurate, and patient-focused manner
  • Oversees, monitors and improves clinic performance and other key performance indicators which include HEDIS, admission management, ER utilization, patients not seen, etc.
  • Ensures accuracy of all incoming and outgoing information including supplies, invoices, referral requests, patient records, and medication management
  • Ensures compliance with Medicare Advantage Plans, HIPAA, labor laws and is responsible for reporting any suspected breaches or compliance issues to the appropriate internal contact
  • Has clinical working knowledge and has the ability to perform clinical duties to include the following: takes vital signs, reviews medications, administer injections, dispense medications, irrigate eyes and ears, dress and bandage the wound and incision, start and monitor IV, draw blood and assist physician with any/all procedures

  • Associates degree (Equivalent working experience will be considered)
  • Minimum of 1 year of leadership experience required.
  • CPR Certified
  • Back Office Medical Assistant experience required!
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to accurately read and write medical terminology
  • Knowledge of medical coding
  • Knowledge of HIPAA
  • Basic computer skills, including familiarity with electronic medical records


VIPcare offers a full benefits package in addition to salary and the potential to earn performance bonuses.